I AM… Penda Fall

I am a dancer from West Africa and my dancing experience spans 19 years. I perform with Kawambe Omowale African Drum and Dance Theatre.

"When I perform, I experience a feeling of being liberated. When dancing, I praise God and appreciate Him for giving me life and energy to portray His love to others through dance."

I am of African descent. According to research, my family originated from Madagascar. I have not been there. I have embraced Senegal as my home, because of the love shown to me by the Senegalese people.

In my home, everyone was always dancing and listening to Soul music, mainly by James Brown. I have always loved the level of energy he brought to his performances and that is what I want to bring to my performances.


We are proud to introduce Kawambe-Omowale African Drum & Dance Theatre, a captivating performing arts company that offers a glimpse of West African culture through performances of drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling. Kawambe-Omowale is a Phoenix based arts company celebrating more than 20 years in the Valley of the Sun!