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Tyrone Z. McCants - THWACPEP Project

Proud Poppas - Tyrone Z. McCants

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Tyrone Z. McCants, photographer    www.ZirePhotography.com

Tyrone Z. McCants,



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Artist Statement:

Growing up in the Bronx, New York City. I quickly became versed in various world cultures at an early age. Rooted in music, living in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country lead me to attend festivals and events that captured the unique personality of my community. Many cultural dances are rooted in civilizations that maintain the pieces of their history and traditions through these performances. The same is true at the roots of many ethnic groups, as dance is a common language that unites us all on some level. This has split and transformed through re-settlements starting from the scattering of the immense Pangaea continent more than 100 million years ago. 

Migration Route Not Confirmed.

Migration Route Not Confirmed.

I am drawn to the expositional aspect of the world around me. I soon started to capture & document the universal language of dance. Using this uniting theme of cultural performance, I tell this story through photography. 

THWACPEP is my cultural exploration through imagery. Throughout my time as a professional photographer within the performing arts field, I developed an appreciation for the anthropological weight traditional folk & ethnic dance carries. This series features performing artists from Phoenix, NYC, and Los Angeles, a list of cultural epicenters that grows as the series continues.

My Background:

A self-proclaimed visual artist with a camera, Tyrone Z. McCants, a Phoenix, Arizona based photographer uses photography to share his vision of the world. Tyrone Z. McCants is best known for his emotive documentary and live performance photography. 

McCants began his career as a freelance photographer in 2004, documenting people, culture and, the performing arts. In late 2007 at the beginning of the recession, McCants was released from his day job. He took the opportunity to study his craft and bring his art to the next level. In less than two years, McCants founded the Zire Photography and Graphics Company.

Zire has contributed to the creation of editorials, ad campaigns and advertising images for the reputed brands like Black Enterprise, Toyota, ESPN, Showtime Sports, Target.com, Parents Magazine, OkayPlayer, CNG Newspaper, and Glory Sports International amongst many other names.

Zire has received a Certificate of Proclamation by the Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz for his Proud Poppas Photo Project and Fathership Initiative, Proud Poppas United. The project exhibited in institutions and galleries throughout New York City from 2008 to 2014. 

His first film documentary - Jocko, the Urban Hero of Brownsville" was produced by Council Member Darlene Mealy and NIA Theatrical Productions. The 30-minute short biography documentary was the primary film presentation at the 2014 Gregory "Jocko" Jackson Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York.

Currently, Zire works as a versatile service photographer specializing in portraiture, documentary and commercial photography in the fields of music, sports, fashion, and editorial in Chandler, Arizona. Zire is studying film and developing several exciting visual projects, as well as a special edition collection of fine art prints.